Turkey 26.06.2016 - 21.07.2016

Despite warning by the Department of State the travel in Turkey is offered with the utmost caution. 


Day 1: C&S went to Hamburg Airport the flight departure from there.  After the breakfast at Airport they passed the control Zone and saw for first time body scanners. They forget to take the plastic bottle with water out of the backpack. The security found out and ask them: If this is for your child, so you can take this to plane. If not, so leave it here.  They boarding the plane Turkish Airlines TK 1662. Help in Istanbul expected.


While the flight they got the food. (Foto-Video) Lars was playing Solitäre while his son  slept. They arrived in Istanbul and need domestic flight to Hatay. They got not help by personal. But many peoples was helpful to us with their gesture. After 20 Min walking, they found their gate for next flight. At the waiting Zone, they were waiting one hour and transfered by the shuttle to plane TK 2253. A few hours later, the plane arrived in Hatay well and they were waiting over 30 Minutes for their baggage. Sibel parents was waiting for us and they drove us to Antakya.