Antakya / Hatay Turkey 2010

Day 1

On 8/10/2010 they took with the train from Hamburg to Berlin. They drove from the central station to Berlin Tegel airport. There, their flight Germania expected at the airport. After successful passport control and baggage delivery, Sibel and Lars boarded the plane. After 20 minutes, the flight drove from the runway and took off. More than 3 hours they arrived in Hatay (Turkey). There was a difficulty with the landing. The brakes were strong. When they got off the flight, a thick warm air blowing on their skin. By 22 clock it was about 30 degrees. At the arrival flights Gate their parents was waiting at the gate.

Day 2

In the morning C&S went to Harbiye. In this place, water flows in many streams coming from the mountain into the valley. In summer in hot weather can be enjoyable outside under oaks, laurel linger, and cypress trees. According to Greek legend, the nymph Daphne by Apollo to pursue here, and was transformed by Zeus at the request of Daphne into a laurel tree. Apollo has received from Zeus as compensation for the loss of a temple. Under the Romans Harbiye was a place of summer resort. The son of Zeus and Lic Apollo htgott here are a beauty, the lovely Daphne discovered on the riverbank. Apollo turned to her and fell in love with her. Daphne saw that they could not escape his love and begs to mother earth to protect them. It was transformed into a laurel tree. Since that time, winners were honored in competitions with a laurel wreath. From the tears of Daphne were the waterfalls of Harbiye. There, they recovered their feet at the waterfall. Sibel & Lars sat at the restaurant and drank water, beer, etc. Still spring water was served to them for free. There, they have been also shown that this tree is a soap is manufactured.

In the afternoon they went to the park and Lars was really amazed that you can use the park free of fitness. So you can save the fitness costs and keep fit properly. Then they visited their more family to learn to know. Time passes quickly and then it was late. It continues the next morning.


The next morning it was very hot. After breakfast morning Sibel & Lars drove to Samandağ. This a town in the Turkish province of Hatay, located about 25 km southwest of Antakya, near the border with Syria. At the same time Samandağ capital of the district. The city has 43 528 inhabitants, the district of 129 011, of which a majority of Alevi and Sunni Arabs. Samandağ in close proximity to the Mediterranean. The ancient name was Samandag Seleucia Pieria, the port of Antioch on the Orontes. The Crusaders called the city of St. Si . Meon Other names were Samanda, Yukarı Alevis, and Levşiye Suwaidiyyah. The present name was given Samandağ 1948th In the district Samandağ is the last Armenian village in Turkey Vakifli. In the middle of the road there is a small mosque. At this place on the beach of Samandag, the legend, have Prophet Moses and Prophet Hizir (for the Catholics, he is called St. George) made. At this point, a building with the sacred stone of the meeting place was built.

Day 4

In pursuing that had arisen because of Stephen, the stragglers came to Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch, but they announced the word only to Jews. But some of them who came from Cyprus and Cyrene, announced as they came to Antioch, including the Greeks, the Gospel of Jesus the Lord. The hand of the Lord was with them, and many believed and turned to the Lord. The news came the municipality of Jerusalem to the ears and they sent Barnabas na ch Antioch. When he arrived and saw the grace of God, he rejoiced, and exhorted all to remain faithful to the Lord, as they had intended to. For he was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith. So for the Lord, a significant number was also gained. Barnabas but moved to Tarsus to seek Saul. He found him and took him to Antioch. There, they worked together for a full year in the church and taught a large number of people. I n Antioch the disciples were called Christians for the first time. In those days came prophets from Jerusalem down to Antioch.The Crusaders, who conquered Antioch in 1098, built the church back on, they expanded and built a facade. The crumbling facade was rebuilt in 1863 by Capuchin monks. The restoration of the Church by Pope Pius IX. and Napoleon III. The stone altar and an altar made of masonry plate is to be built in connection with a visit of the Apostle Peter in the Church. The Feast of the Patron is the 21st in Antakya Celebrated in February. The marble figure of St. Peter in an arched niche in the wall above the altar was installed there in 1932. At the small spring in the church baptisms were held. On 29 June is here every year a festival.

Then relaxation. The day C&S were totally relax. C&S went into town and to the restaurant. They also took a walk. The interesting thing was the fast food restaurant that ketchup and mayonnaise be served free of charge. Of this you can take it as much as you want. At other Fast Food in Germany you will pay per mayonnaise € 0.30 and € 0.30 per ketchup like Lars need 2 mayonnaise and Sibel 2 ketchup, they saved a total of € 1.20. Mayonnaise and ketchup are directly-made instead of a company to provide.


The journey goes from Antakya to Mersin (Kizkalesi - Turkish Riviera) and lasted about 4 hours. Once there, they were served by the carrier. Their Hotel Admiral in the room they went around quickly to the Mediterranean Sea near Maiden castle and took a refreshing dip. But the water was warm at 24 degrees. They stayed in Hotel Admiral for 3 days. Relax pure.

Day 7

It is understood from the fact that C&S shut down the days they do like long lazy sleep, swim, etc. why not a movie.

Day 8

After breakfast they went this time to Hotel Horizont . Then they were introduced to the rooms. After presentation Sibel and Lars went to swimming again. So they had had the lazy day for them.

Day 9

 Sibel and Lars went after breakfast to the high mountain in Silifke. Silifke is a town in the province of Mersin in Turkey, situated on the banks of the Göksu at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. They sat in the restaurant and ordered the yoghurt drink as a starter. It's called "Ayran"

After dinner they went to "THE PIT OF HELL" deep under the mountains. There is supposed to rest for asthma patients to be healthy.

By late afternoon they drove back to the hotel horizont. There is a sunset and moonrise in sight. The remaining days were to relax and was nothing special to see. They stayed at Hotel Horizont and drove back to 4 days from Antakya know learning about more family. Overall, they were 10 days in Mersin. It continues with Day 17

Day 17

Sibel and Lars went on 17 Day to Antakya Mosaic Museum . Interesting mosaic exhibition. In the video, there is much to see, than to write a story.

After the show they went through the park.

Day 18

On 18 Day they drove to Arsuz, near Iskenderun. At Sea Restaurant they ate fish and tradionell food and stay 1 day in Arzuz.

DAY 19

Again it goes back to Antakya. From the mountain you could see the airport Hatay time for family tour.

In the evening they were walking through the park and bought an ice cream. See Ice-tricks.

DAY 20

Relaxation and family gatherings in farewell ceremony.

DAY 21

 The 21st Day in Turkey was probably their last day had been and say Bye Bye. Before they went with parents to Harbiye for breakfast. Unfortunately, Lars expect his work in Germany at H&M.

The end of Their Story in Turkey